What we do

We love the Philippines and we believe that it can become self-sufficient by advancing advocacies in line with the UN’s SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS. It is our mission & vision to see the country remain a good home to its diverse peoples, visitors and numerous inhabitants. We created the Likas-Kayang programs – administered by the Sandiwaan Center for Learning, Veritas e-Trading Network and Mga Anak ni Inang Daigdig – to uplift the socio-economic conditions of the majority of Filipinos and guarantee the preservation of the country’s natural beauty and resources for posterity.

The tripartite impact enterprises manage the Likas-Kayang programs primarily to provide learning opportunities for disadvantaged kids using information and communications technology & gamification; to build a web-based supply chain distribution system that will help the poor and spur economic growth; and to encourage an environmentally-accountable lifestyle conducive to a peaceful global society. PSC accepts grants and contributions in order to maintain and expand its programs and projects, and directs the endowments to the impact enterprises for dispensation.